Shillelagh Of The Year

Walter Farrell

He was born on September 2, 1937, and lived in Yorkville section of New York City with five brothers and a sister.  Growing up in Sparkhill, NY, he spent many years with the Nuns Of Catholic Charity and attended many schools in New York City.  Later he joined the United States Navy and served aboard the USS Samuel B. Roberts where he learned to cook and sailed around the world. 

After his stint in the Navy and while working for Continental Coffee, he met Joyce who became his wife on May 27, 1967.  A few years later he moved into their home in River Edge, NJ.  Continental Coffee transferred him to South Brunswick in 1977, and they moved into their present house in Old Bridge with their three sons; Darin, Robert, and Michael.  The boys grew up, married, and made him the proud grandfather of five.  September 2008 was a very trying time for Walter and family.  Darin’s wife gave birth to a premature baby weighing 2 lbs. 10 oz.  Fortunately, baby Ellis is now over 11 lbs and doing fine.  In August 2009, Robert and Michael’s wives are expecting to give Walter two more grandchildren. 

Walter joined the Friendly Sons in February 1989 and made many friends along the way, most notably the late Joe Patton.  He was always around to give Joe a helping hand whenever he needed it.  He became a member of our club’s “Morning Crew” and eventually took over of what he now calls “The Head Janitor Position”. 

For those who don’t know Walter, he is much more than a “Head Janitor”.  He assists in work parties, and most recently involved with the floor and ceiling replacement in our renovated hall.  While many helped, Walter singlehandedly removed all of the aforementioned materials, cleaned up before and after. 

Walter is here on Sundays cooking for the many events that happen during the year: Sunday football, Shuffleboard, Softball to mention but a few.  In addition, Walter donates his time to set up and cook for the various funerals and repasts we have for deceased members.  Walter embodies the true spirit of a Shillelagh and is always helping others,


Congratulations to Walter Farrell
Shillelagh Member of the Year.

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