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       In 1964, when the Friendly Sons was organized, one of the prime considerations was the desire of itís members to march as a group to honor St. Patrick and celebrate at dinner, the feastday of Irelandís patron  saint. This we have done every year since. The dinner dance is, however, of more significance to the Friendly Sons then just an occasion to celebrate. It is in fact a reaffirmation of our ancient heritage. During the Installation of Officers ceremony, when the piper leads in the officers of the Friendly Sons for the Changing of the Sash, (the symbols of office, our expression of trust and authority), there is an unspoken yet nonetheless spiritual oneness with those ancient chieftains assembled at Tara to crown Irelandís king.

Throughout the years the annual St. Patrickís Day Dance has been held at several locations listed below:


  • 1963 - The Turf Club

  • 1964-65 - Spotswood K of C

  • 1966 - Journey Mill Inn

  • 1967 - Diamond Jims

  • 1968 - The Holiday Inn

  • 1969-75 - The Seven Arches

  • 1976 -  Robertsville Fire House

  • 1978 - 82 - The Seven Arches

  • 1983- Spotswood K of C

  • 1984 - Hyatt Regency

  • 1985-91 - Molly Pitcher Inn

  • 1992-93 - Oyster Point Hotel

  • 1994 -  Molly Pitcher Inn

  • 1995-97 - Oyster Point Hotel

  • 1998 - Freehold Gardens

  • 1999 - Cols Neck Inn

  • 2000 - Freehold Gardens

  • 2001 - The Armory, Perth Amboy

  • 2002 - Freehold Gardens

  • 2003 - Freehold Gardens

  • 2004 - Freehold Gardens

At the next St. Patrickís Day Dinner Dance that you attend, keep in mind that the melodic strains of the Irish tunes you hear are musical ribbons connecting our forefathers with their sons and daughters of today and a promise that our posterity has a solid base and will endure long into the future.

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