F.SO.S. 2003

October 25th

Some of the scariest creatures known to man turned out at the Shillelagh Halloween Party!



A Halloween Factoid

An Irish Celebration

The origin of Halloween dates back 2000 years ago to the Celtic celebration of the dead. A Celtic festival was held on November 1, the first day of the celtic New Year, honoring the Samhain, the Lord of the Dead. Celtic ritual believed that the souls of the dead returned on the evening before November 1. The celebration included burning sacrifices and costumes These early events began as both a celebration of the harvest and an honoring of dead ancestors.

Halloween spread throughout Europe in the seventh century. It began with "All Hallows Eve", the "Night of the Dead". It is immediately followed by "All Souls Day", a christian holy day.

The first lighted fruit was really carved out gourds and turnips. Sometime along the way, they were replaced by pumpkins which were both larger and much easier to carve. European custom also included the lighting of pumpkins with scary faces to ward of evil spirits, especially spirits who roamed the streets and country during All Hallows Eve.

The Irish brought the tradition of carving turnips and even potatoes with them to America. They quickly discovered that pumpkins were easier to carve.


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